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Thread: Wega( rebadged K10 ) conical. How to remove cut off switch

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    Wega( rebadged K10 ) conical. How to remove cut off switch

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    Hi all, just picked up a 2nd hand Wega conical ( rebadged K10 ) for a good price* :o

    Its cleaned up and all ready to roll, Im just wondering if anyone knows how to remove the cut off switch thats in front of the grind exit shoot.. It stops me from sweeping out any grinds stuck in there.. ( prob one of its intended purposes ) Not a big issue but one Id like to fix.*

    I think Ive found my cure for upgraditis in regards to a grinder* :)

    Cheers wonder

    Now just for my cremina* :(

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    Hi- did you ever find out how to remove the switch, and how has grinder been performing?

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