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Thread: new grinder

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    new grinder

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Just bought* Mazzer Super Jolly Grinder and Giotto Rocket they make the perfect coffee couple :-/"

    How many kilos will I get out of the blades before replacing them.

    Cheers ,Bean there done that* ** * 8-)

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    Re: new grinder

    It depends on how well you burs were tempered on the day. Was it a Friday or a Monday. What colour usually, are your coffee beans? Darker equals harder. Do you live in a dusty area and how many rocks are in the beans?

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    Re: new grinder

    at least 200kg but really probably a lot more, depends on how fussy you are. Most busy cafes would not get them changed that often. More common would be 500-1000kg or every 6 months.

    If you are using this at home, you probably dont need to think about it for another 10 years.

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    Re: new grinder

    I have been told approx 500kg before changing the blades, especially if its home use..Cheers..

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    Re: new grinder

    I too have the Mazzer super jolly and would suggest once a year would be perfect. Like many have said, a good grinder is second only to good coffee. However, knowing when they need sharpening could be a tough one to identify.

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    Re: new grinder

    Hmmmm......Once a year........

    At say 300 grams a week (that would be close enough to 30 coffees or just over 4 coffees per day), which is about par for the average home user, that would be changing the grinding PLATES (or burrs) every 15.6 kilos of throughput in that commercial grade coffee grinder that is being used in a home use situation.

    Add a bit for safety say...20 kilos per year in a home situation, so changing plates once a year is nothing more than wasteful. The plates are good for a few hundred kilos plus or minus dependent on the individual situation.

    If yours is a new grinder, forget it.

    If its used, and it grinds coffee well and you are getting a great cuppa, ditto, forget it.

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    Re: new grinder

    Have had my Mazzer Mini for approx 2 years and its had around 75 kilos of beans through it, still grinding as new.
    Had my Rocky for 10 years and in that time replaced 2 sets of burrs.
    You will know when its time. :)

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    Re: new grinder

    I found it takes a longer time for ground coffee to come out and you dont get that purfume aroma while grinding fresh beans, its time for new burrs.

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