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Thread: Wega Max 6.4 espresso coffee grinder

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    Wega Max 6.4 espresso coffee grinder

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    Does anybody know anything about this grinder, currently going on eBay?

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    Re: Wega Max 6.4 espresso coffee grinder

    No I dont know anything about the Wega but I do know a little about ebay....

    "Wega Max 6.4 espresso coffee grinder 330.00 + VAT"
    Quoting the price in UK pounds would worry me a little

    ...and there are no pictures of the actual unit (just some "borrowed" shots from a web page somewhere).

    I would be curious where you can buy the hopper for $15 and would have expected the lid for a hopper to cost at least that much.

    What is a "13amp plug"?

    How much use has it really had? (ie: how many handfuls of gravel have gone through it?)

    Check the sellers ebay feedback... some very unhappy buyers in there.

    A new Wega can be bought for in Australia for AU$750 so at $300-$400 that this one will sell for I would think you would do better to save your dollars for a little longer and then talk to one of our site sponsors about buying a new one with warranty and back-up service...


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    Re: Wega Max 6.4 espresso coffee grinder

    The description is lifted directly from here:

    The guy has some poor feedback and the lack of real pictures makes this a real no no. Much better to buy this kind of gear new.

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