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    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Just want to know what grade I should grind my beans to witht eh ROcky to suit my Gaggia CLassic. I only received the grinder today...need some major help!!


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    Jchiha, Im sure youll get helpful advice from others with that combo, but it really comes down to what sort of beans youre grinding, how old they are, and other considerations such as humidity come into it too.

    Why not experiment? -- Set your grinder, throw in a few grams of beans, and see how they come out. They should be almost fluffy and slightly clumping.

    Dose into the basket, tamp (with your new tamper) and you should get the 30 ml or 60 ml extraction in around 25 seconds.

    If the coffee gushes out in a fraction of that time --too coarse, set to a finer grind.

    If it takes forever, too fine.

    In either case, make sure your dosing and tamping is consistent.


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    Hiya Joe,

    Id start with Rocky set to 10, then go from there. As Robusto has said already, there are a number of variables that can effect the quality of the shot you pull and I spose from an operators perspective, the Tamping Force is one that you need to become very consistent at applying..... and only practice will develop this skill.

    Until you become proficient with applying a consistent Tamp, its a good idea to use your bathroom scales set up on the counter near your Classic. After filling and levelling the PF Double (dont use the Single Basket at this stage) basket, place the PF on the scales (with a suitable hygienic towel or plastic sheet between the PF and the top of the scales), and tamp down using a slight rocking motion to all points of the compass to ensure that no voids exist, then finish up with a level tamp of between 10-12 Kgs immediately prior to locking the PF into place.

    You dont say how experienced you are in using your Classic so its a bit difficult to know whether Im just trying to teach you how to suck eggs, but anyhow, here goes....

    After grinding sufficient coffee to slightly overfill your PF Basket and before you tamp, tap the PF lightly on the bench a few times to settle and distribute the coffee in the basket. You will notice that the coffee now sits at a level below the lip of the basket. Just top up the coffee a bit more until it is once again slightly overfull and now just level off the coffee across the basket using the side of your finger, the handle of a spoon or the back of the blade of a standard kitchen knife, etc.

    Once the coffee is struck level, you can now Tamp the coffee down as described above. After doing all this and with the aid of a Stop Watch, time how long it takes for the Classic to pour a 60ml shot into a standard Shot Glass. You can mark off the 60ml graduation with a permanent marker to make it easier to see. As you have probably read here and elsewhere, the shot, whether a double or a single, should pour to this volume in 25-28 seconds. If the pour is too quick, set your grind setting one step finer at a time until this timing is achieved, or if the pour is too slow then adjust the grinder to a coarser setting, one step at a time until the pour duration is in the 25-28 second ballpark.

    After you get to this stage, its then just a matter of "practice makes perfect" and then still more practice. It shouldnt take you all that long to start pouring acceptable shots and as you get better at it, the quality of your shots will improve as you get a better understanding of the processes involved. We are all striving for the perfect or God shot and every now and again some of us manage to do it. But after sufficient practice, you will be able to pull extremely enjoyable shots of espresso on a consistent basis with the occasional God shot thrown in just to keep you interested ;D.

    Hope this helps you out.... happy brewing [smiley=thumbsup.gif]


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    Can't believe how much difference a good coffee grinder could make

    Dimal was dead on, 10 was the first setting I started with using a Gaggia Classic, and I poured an amazing espresso meeting the 30 second pour for 60 ml.

    I purchased a Gaggia Classic couple weeks ago and made the mistake of buying pre ground coffee. The grinds allowed for a very quick watery pour. I was quite disappointed and didn't realize that the grain size could have such an impact. I just received my Rancillio Rocky yesterday. I ground some old Starbucks beans that were in the fridge for over a year on the #10 setting and kappow. Yes I said 1 year old ground Starbucks beans gave me an amazing cup ( due to the grind of course!).

    I am European and often travel to places known for great espressos, but am certainly not as scientific as most here on this forum. I think I have only written 2 reviews online in my life. But am literally speechless on how amazing the combination of the Gaggia and Rancillio really are. So I felt like I had to share this experience. Can't wait to get my hands on fresh coffee beers. I am open to suggestions


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