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Thread: Rocky and the "click-clack" Lid

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    Rocky and the "click-clack" Lid

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hi all,

    Ive seen mention a couple of times the use of a click-clack storage container lid to replace the orginal lid to blow out the left over grinds. Im not sure what this click-clack lid is or looks like has anyone got a photo or more info.

    Thanks Matt

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    Re: Rocky and the "click-clack" Lid

    Hi Matt,

    I was wondering same when I first read about them.

    Then I found them at Woolworths supermarket when I was doing groceries, (and not very expensive I thought).
    They are a type of plastic container, available in a range of sizes, although all seem to have the same size lid, (or at least the ones I saw)

    The lid has a flexible seal that fits inside the container, and you can press the button, or levers, in the lid to help release the seal for removing the lid.

    Upshot is, that because most of the lid fits about 2.5 cm down inside, it allows you to generate pressure inside if you push it in quickly,
    which must come out some where,..... the chute.
    In the process it will blow out most of the grounds sitting in the chute.

    I found it works best if you open up the grind setting by about 20 or so notches.

    Hope this helps.


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    Re: Rocky and the "click-clack" Lid

    Gday Matt,
    heres a link to the click clack website which will give you some pictures of the items in question, although Bullitt explained them very clearly.
    P.S. Im a very happy click clack user ;).

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    Re: Rocky and the "click-clack" Lid

    Thanks for the tip. It sounds like a great "mod" - I hope I can get a lid to fit the Nemox grinder . . .


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    Re: Rocky and the "click-clack" Lid

    Thanks for the info found one yesterday at Kmart. Works perfectly, blasts all the coffee out in a couple of pushes. Recommend it to anyone with a rocky for getting the left over coffee out of the shoot.


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