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Thread: Earthing Em0480 grinder?

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    Earthing Em0480 grinder?

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Ive just purchased a Sunbeam EM0480 conical grinder, which works heaps better than the cheap cutting "grinder" I use to have.

    Ive noticed a few comments about the fluffiness of the coffee coming out od this grinder, and also the tendancy to spray the grinds around a bit.

    Upon investigating, I discovered that although some parts are, the metal burrs are not earthed.

    I was wondering if anyone has tried earthing the burrs and/or putting an earth wire/ring inside the outlet? *I thought maybe by dissipating the static charge it might be less "fluffy" and spray less.


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    Re: Earthing Em0480 grinder?

    Hi Brett,

    Ive never seen one of these in the flesh, so not too sure about their construction. From photos though, it looks as though the centre section where the Burr Carriers and Discharge Chute are located is made of some non-metalliferous compound and therefore isnt really amenable to any advantages offered by earthing same. The static is more likely caused by the movement of the ground coffee through the exit path.

    A more beneficial tactic might be to obtain some food-safe anti-static/conductive coating and coat the internals of the ground coffee path with this. Where to obtain such a coating product, I dont really know but Googling might turn up something, or maybe someone here knows of a suitable product. All the best,


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    Re: Earthing Em0480 grinder?

    Hey, i have the same grinder and i did the milk container mod but most of the time still flys over the sides :( but its better then without the mod :)

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    Re: Earthing Em0480 grinder?

    I have the same problem with my EMO 480, I usually put a damp cloth on the tamper base of the grinder. This makes the clean up a little easier.

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    Re: Earthing Em0480 grinder?

    Ive been using Kiltymans (sp?) mod (see the last posts on the Sunbeam EMO480 grinder review post) which is great. It directs the coffee straight into the PF much better than before. Some still goes out the sides, but Ive modded the milk container a bit, so its got sides and no base now.

    So, I have the spout, with the piece of basic polly pipe to angle the spout out and straight down. Then I grind into the PF, then knock the PF on the rubber base to settle the grounds. Then tamp.

    I would prefer the grinder to be a little slower so I could do single dose amounts - but Im not that advanced as to how to do this. Kiltyman suggested doing some sort of gear down?? but that sounds too complicated for my non-teckie brain.

    Ill try to post a couple of picks of the PF, but if you have any problems better just to email me.

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