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Thread: At the local Trash and Treasure Store

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    At the local Trash and Treasure Store

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Thought I had fond a Grinder (Commercial Bo-Ema, but its part of a deal $1500 for a well used Bo-Ema 2 Group with 1 double Basket and 1 Blind Basket and the Grinder..Told them the Machine is worth about $300 bucks and the Grinder about $40 Second hand that is, has some strange non comp[liant wiring external.... Dazzled them with Brilliance and B affled them with Bullshit..

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    Re: At the local Trash and Treasure Store

    Ahhhh...well you see there are different ways of looking at things.

    The ancient esp machine may well be worth very little money if anything, but the grinder is always worth atleast the current replacement cost of a new one.....

    For example. When someone comes to my humble business premises and wants to buy a used commercial grinder, the lowest we ever quote is the replacement cost (to us) of a new grinder! You see if we sell a used grinder from our fleet...we have to replace it. Therefore to us, it isnt worth selling the old grinder for any less than its replacement cost! Commercial grinders virtually last forever, and a 15 year old grinder does no less than a brand new one as long as the fixtures and fittings are maintained in good condition.

    Certainly, the old grinder will be worth more than the machine.....old grinders you/we can use, old machines go to the tip!

    Horses for courses!


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