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    Spong Grinder

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    I have been using a spong hand grinder for several years. *It is such a part of my morning ritual that I will find it difficult to leave it. *Someone once gave me a electric grinder, but is was more like slicer than a grinder and the coffee it produced lacked the oily gloopy texture of the coffee ground by the wise old spong. *The draw back is that the spong is largely unadjustable. *It is with a heavy heart that I find myself considering purchasing an adjustable burr grinder. *Are there any spong efficianados out there, or am I a grasping at a bygone time to the detriment of my morning coffee? *

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    Re: Spong Grinder

    Hey Raoul, welcome to CS...

    My brother-in-law uses a spong grinder still for his morning coffee, along with his stove top espresso maker. But he is using it because he and his family live on a 38ft catamaran so power supply and space are an issue! I am sure he still gets quite a decent cup and I would think that as long as its giving a consistent grind why wouldnt it be acceptable?

    And yes, most here are into electric grinders instead though I would think some of the real snobs have got a spong grinder as a collectors piece. ;)

    Personally, I have the Rancilio Rocky which was an upgrade from the Delonghi. Im happy with it mostly though it has small issues like the vanes inside the doser dont go all the way out to the edge of the hopper (Italians! ::)) and I occasionally use a brush to get rid of the grinds that are left behind. Other than that, I like it very much. Even looks the part too.

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    Re: Spong Grinder

    Raoul. I love the spong, although it doesnt get as much use as it used to before I brought the sunbeam.

    I take it camping and grind for the stove top moka - it works a treat, and I still get freshly ground brew before climbing. Its great stuff.

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