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    Grinders on

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    For people interested in a good grinder, I noticed browsing that there are 4 very good looking grinders amongst the crud on at the moment (one is Rancillio MD-??, one is a big Faema, another 2 look good also).
    PS: theyre nothing to do with me, I just noticed em and I thought theyd be of interest to someone.


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    Re: Grinders on

    Not in the market for a grinder ATM but Im sure that one of the snobs will be keen in those.

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    Re: Grinders on

    they werent give away prices but could well have been a bargain for someone.

    I bid on all three (dont asky why!) and the closest I got was for the rancilio md40 (or 50?) which went for $5 more than my last bid at $198. I factored in a fair amount of risk as I was buying unseen from a new ebayer and freight had to be added.

    The Rancilio S27 (single group rotary pump, plumb in) for about $1100 could have been a good buy depending on condition (was described as excellent, but ..)

    As Tim said not many good grinders on Ebay so this lot was a bit unusual.

    hope someone from here made a score!

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