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Thread: Cleaning Rocky

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    Cleaning Rocky

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    It just occured to me that after some months of frequent use, I should consider cleaning my doserless Rocky. The manual is temporarily unavailable (I am sure that I will find it one day when its no longer needed). Could someone please suggest an appropriate cleaning procedure?

    Many thanks.

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    Re: Cleaning Rocky

    This subject was just discussed in another thread, take a look:

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    Re: Cleaning Rocky

    Thank you. Just what I was looking for. I have to get used to using the Search.


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    Re: Cleaning Rocky

    Gday 2onnet,
    just to add to Javas linking project *;D.
    Theres a couple of easy ways to keep Rocky clean.
    1- A click clack lid (available from most supermarkets and department stores) replaces the hopper lid. A few pumps of this lid, after grinding, will clear a lot of grounds out through the snout. Just make sure that youve got a container underneath the snout when you do this, otherwise youll be the mayor of messville *;D
    2- A vacuum cleaner.
    Empty the hopper of beans then stick the bare vac pipe into the hopper, its a nice fit over the grinding throat and will remove most of the grounds.
    Next, put the vac pipe up to the bottom of the snout and make seal with your hand over both of them. This will then suck most of the remaining grounds out through the snout.
    Hope this helps.

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