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Thread: Information about Isomac Grinders?

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    Information about Isomac Grinders?

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    Hi All,

    Newbie here. Im just getting serious about Espresso, and I will soon be the owner of a new Rancilio Silvia. * Initially, I was also planning pair it up with *a Rancilio Rocky Doserless ( I dont really need a doser), but my local retailer suggested that I purchase an Isomac Grinder (Macinino Prof Inox) instead. It would actually end up being around $175 cheaper. I was also advised that there is a shortage of Rocky doserless at the moment, with only some doser models left.

    The problem is that I havent been able to find much information about Isomac grinders, expect for consumer review at and some details on the Isomac website.

    I would be mainly be using the grider for espressos and percolated coffee. Im only really looking for options regarding this grinder and whether I should go for the Rocky Doserless.


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    Re: Information about Isomac Grinders?

    Hi there Mkov,

    welcome to Coffee Snobs.

    Afraid your retailer is not full of the best information this week.

    Given the choice there is no way I would buy either of the 2 Isomac grinders even at $175.00 cheaper than the Rocky. If you compare them side by side and maybe even grind some coffee with them, youll see what I mean. They are not in the same class.

    Also, try the site sponsors here to the left of screen. Not everyone is out of them, I saw new doserless rockies in someones window a couple of days ago.

    Goodluck in the hunt!

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    Re: Information about Isomac Grinders?

    Not trying to butt in on a topic about something else, but we have plenty of rocky doser less if that helps.


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