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Thread: Disaster Breville CG12

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    Disaster Breville CG12

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    IT seemed to be doing a good job over the past 4 weeks weve been here, house-sitting for a friend.
    my first encounter with an espresso machine and grinder, i brought my own beans in anticipation and have loved it.
    but after reading through the threads here over the past few days have discovered that ive been doing lots wrong.
    and had a look at the little grinder...
    i adjusted it to coarse and back to fine, where it was, set on the finest setting, number one.
    i know its probably the cheapest grinder that you can get, so i dont expect much.
    my next grind, which i just moments ago attempted, disaster!
    all the beans are chewed through in a split second! spat out in chunky big lumps!
    what do i do?
    there must be something jamming the burrs open or something??
    there seems to be no way of servicing/cleaning this thing!

    Has anyone owned this model and maybe know how this problem may be solved?
    otherwise ill have to buy these guys a new grinder... and feel obligated to get them one that is approved of by a coffeeSnob!!

    attached photo of the adjustment wheel inside the hopper, and a full photo in case your wondering what this machine looks like.

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    Re: Disaster Breville CG12

    one photo per post? im still trying to work out how this works...

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    Re: Disaster Breville CG12

    ok, after some work with a screwdriver, taking off the hopper, and then discovering the real problem and that i didnt need to take off the hopper, or the top half of the machine that fell off when i went to pick it up, and almost having to re-wire it when the circut board fell out...
    trial, and ERROR!!
    I found, as someone of you would no doubt of told me if id waited for a response, that the black nob inside the hopper, that you can see, is actually the top half of the "bur" system, and i had unlocked it from its position when i was adjusting it, silly me.
    so it was sitting there loosely while i tried to grind my beans.
    i poored the half cup full of... smashed looking beans back into the hopper and ground them nicely into a fine powdery consistency.
    much better.
    i thought i could just deleat this whole post, but maybe someone else out there may have same thing happen... or maybe someone might just like to mock me.
    so long as its constructive i welcome all the mocking you can give.

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