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Thread: Need help

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    Need help

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    Hi Coffeesnobs

    I need some help,looking for a good home coffee grinder

    1:ascaso i1/i2 range
    2:ascaso i-mini range
    3:compak K-3 touch

    With the ascaso models just need to know if I should go flat or conical and which one model is the better one

    Please help

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    Re: Need help

    A simple search would have located the grinders section of the forum and the reviews

    Out of the 2 Ascasos, I think the one you should choose is the Compak. *;)

    Happy shopping


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    Re: Need help

    From my reading the compak is a class above the ascasos.
    And Im not saying that just because Im currently selling a K3 doser on this site.

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    Re: Need help

    Hi C-mach,

    Ascaso i-mini - small conical burrs (38mm - same size as Sunbeam et al) RRP $350ish
    Ascaso i1 - 54mm flat burrs (not available with conical burrs in Australia as far as I know) RRP $480ish
    Compak K3T - 58mm flat burrs (same size as the Mazzer Mini-manual) RRP $600ish

    So it depends on what pedigree of grinder youre after. The Compak is the best of the three! But it costs more, accordingly. ;)

    I have an Ascaso i1 (doserless, polished aluminium). I think its a great grinder. I was about to buy the i-mini when Chris offered an ex-demo i1 so I went that instead (stretching my budget, of course). I believe Chris stopped stocking the Ascaso i1 because the Compak is clearly superior and only $100-odd more. That makes sense.

    What are you looking for in a grinder? The best quality or the best value or what?

    I am looking to upgrade my grinder in the near future so if youre interested in a bargain on my Ascaso i1, send me a PM!


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    Re: Need help

    The i-Mini is perhaps the best /grind/ of the three, but has the most downsides. If you have the budget, Id look beyond these three. The K3T is a capable home-use grinder.

    i-Mini is also slow, lightweight and noisy!

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