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Thread: Fiorenzato T80

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    Fiorenzato T80

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hi all,

    Ive finally for the (very limited) go-ahead for a grinder. Im currently limited to a Kyocera hand grinder, which is ok but a little slow when a few people come over. My La Pavoni lever dosent help speed things up... good coffee but what was I thinking - I dont have time for this set-up? Ive got a a wife and baby, and cats... I digress.

    Im thinking about one of these Fiorenzatos - its coming from a cafe doing 10kgs a week. I havent had a look yet, although its meant to be services, good burrs and generally in good nic.

    Anyone have experience with these? Im limited to $300, so I think its a good option. I was also thinking of a used Rocky or La Pavoni ZIP, but this one seems like a better machine. Bigger = better, right? actually the size could be an issue - did I mention I live in a tiny place with a wife, baby, two cats, a couple of guitars... there I go again.

    Id love to know your thoughts if youve used one of there, its an auto doser model. Is 10kgs a week on this nothing? Are they made for that, and if they are, how do they hold up?

    Any under $300 suggestions?


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    Re: Fiorenzato T80

    Not sure about how good they are but Coffee parts stock parts, so at least you wont be left searching around if it breaks. Burr sizes are similar to a Compak K6. PMd ya.

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