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Thread: Interesting innovation!!

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    Interesting innovation!!

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight!/album.php?aid=28619&id=104199709617624
    :) :) :)

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    Re: Interesting innovation!!

    Yikes! Dont know about "Innovation" though. Nothing really innovative about smashing 6 grinders together. If a cafe is needing 6 blends in grinders at a time, then youd think theyd also need bigger hoppers than that.

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    Re: Interesting innovation!!

    Great for a range of single origins although only in a quiter cafe as I expect the grind time per shot would be pretty low.

    You would also need a good dustbuster vac as I can see the bottom tray filling pretty quickly. Cute though.

    I wonder if a Robur based one is in the pipeline? 300kg of light dimming grunt!

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    Re: Interesting innovation!!

    I would rather have 2 Mazzer Minis and four extra Hoppers for similar money rather than the *6 X Lux grinders in a fancy housing! ::)

    Andys mortgage busting nuclear powered bank of Roburs does however sound tempting.... Honey.... ;D

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