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Thread: Bitter coffee - Grind or volume?

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    Bitter coffee - Grind or volume?

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    Hi all
    Hope someone can offer some ideas
    I have a Rocky Doser grinder and Sylvia machine and generally I use the larger basket.
    I have been using Expresso Italia Grand Cru with grind on 5. Tried Braziliano Espresso beans today with grind also around 5. Pour with the Braziliano for around 27 secs gives a very nice crema, but the cappuccino is quite bitter...... My local uses the same beans but theirs is not bitter

    Any ideas??? Too fine grind or too much coffee in cup in proportion to milk?

    Thanks a stack... Rob

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    Re: Bitter coffee - Grind or volume?

    Could be any number of things, including the coffee beans.

    Two different machines -- a commercial one and your Silvia---will produce different results, and these will be compounded by the two different barista techniques.

    Are you temperature surfing your Silvia, or extracting at any old time? If the water is too hot, as it will be during part of the heating cycle, the coffee will emerge burned and bitter.

    Are you dosing enough? Too little coffee and too hot a temperature will certainly be bitter.

    Measure out about 17-18 grams of ground coffee, tamp it correctly and extract it in about 30" . Pull the shot 50" after the light goes ON.

    There are many variables, and even with two Silvias side by side, using the same coffee, we would produce different results.


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    Re: Bitter coffee - Grind or volume?

    Initially, atleast in reading into the question, it sounds as though the dose is too small. Ive understod this from reading that the adjuster is on the number "5", which in general circumstances is far too fine for any espresso application.

    Make sure that after tamping, the level / volume of grinds in the filter are at the top of the circlip groove (ie you shouldnt see the groove after tamping). This will allow you to coarsen the grind accordingly. As a general rule & using fresh roasted coffee, you would end up somewhere between say 12 and 10 on the grind adjuster.

    Hope this helps.

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