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Thread: KitchenAid Pro-line Grinder

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    KitchenAid Pro-line Grinder

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    Hi everyone.

    I have upgraded from a Krups frustration machine to a KitchenAid Pro-line espresso machine. Has anyone any experience of the accompanying grinder
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    Seems to tick the boxes with a low 450 rpm, but not steplessly adjustable.

    Aesthetically, would make a good match on the bench top, and other KitchenAid *appliances have proved reliable in the past.


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    Re: KitchenAid Pro-line Grinder


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    Re: KitchenAid Pro-line Grinder

    Gday iangilf,

    Welcome to CoffeeSnobs mate [smiley=thumbsup.gif].

    This is not a BIG brand here in Oz, have only read a couple of posts about them in a few years of knocking around on sites like this. Anyway, all that aside..... Heres a series of owner reviews from the USA where the machine is much more well known. Hope that helps....

    All the best,

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