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Thread: Faema Family grinder

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    Faema Family grinder

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    Hello everyone! I was a member years ago but lost my login info. I have a Faema Family brass boiler machine and Faema grinder. Im quite sure that I found some great info here about cleaning and servicing the grinder but I cant find it now :( Perhaps from Sparky...
    I have new burrs coming tomorrow and have cleaned the grinder (what a mess after 18 years of use!)

    Can someone point me to a post or suggest a site to explain calibrating the machine after burr replacement?

    Faema parts here in Canada are a complete rip-off! I called the official dealer in Toronto and they wanted $60 per burr plus tax... thats like $135CDN! I phoned a dealer in Montreal Canada and got both burrs, shipped next day express for $70!

    I think Ill move to Australia, then I can at least watch Sea Patrol on the Nine network instead of the reruns that we get here I had a laugh

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    Re: Faema Family grinder

    seat patrol was sunk about 6 months ago..... :(

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    Re: Faema Family grinder

    Well, after finally getting new burrs for the Family grinder which where 1.4mm larger in dia. than original and mounting holes larger than the original screw heads....

    Ive machined the burrs down to 49mm and machined washers to make the screws fit (whole day!)

    Grinder is working wonderfully!

    My problem now is, even at the finest grind (just beyond burr contact) Im getting only 12 or so seconds for a 30ml double shot :( Well packed too! I think the Ulka pump is much better than the crappy fluid-o-tech that Faema in Toronto sold me years ago. Im willing to buy a pressure gauge and see what bar Im running at. Can someone point me at the correct part to adjust the brew pressure on the Family machine? It looks like the OPV and group pressure are the same thing in this machine... I have descaled and backflushed, 3-way is working and dont know what to do next (aside from PID budget permitting)



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