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Thread: My first grinder

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    My first grinder

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    After much research and a limited budget ......

    Well I couldnt wait for Mothers day.
    I bought a Breville smart grinder yesterday.
    (Dont tell my offspring their money is still coming.)

    However, I took it back to the store this morning!
    I phoned the store immediately when I discovered that the LED wasnt working.
    I had to rely on guess work and eyeball the amount needed.
    NOT what I had paid for.

    It did grind nicely about mid range of the grind dial wheel, wasnt too noisy, looked great on the bench next to the Technivorm and the coffee tasted great.
    I got to the store and the sales lady simply removed the white plastic label from the LED and Voila!!
    The manual does say "Before use....remove all promotional labels"
    I felt such an idiot as it didnt look like a label.
    But I did get a comforting hug from the young salesman who came over to share in the joke.

    Feel free to laugh with us.

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    Re: My first grinder

    Hello Kate,

    welcome to CoffeeSnobs and the Smart Grinder club.

    Good that you were able to solve your problem. I hope you get great pleasure from your SG.

    There is plenty of coffee information here including a lot about the Smart Grinder. Use the quick search at the top right of this page.


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    Re: My first grinder

    Good on ya. ;D Dont be too hard on least you had the sense to return to the retailer before unloading on a forum (which seems to be standard operating procedure for some).

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    Re: My first grinder

    Almost did the same when I got mine. Woke up before I embarrassed myself. :-[

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    Re: My first grinder

    Thanks guys.
    There surely is lots of info on this site.
    The reviews and opinions here have most certainly helped in my final choice for a coffee maker and grinder.
    This* morning I dialled* in a courser grind and used slightly less.*
    Even better!

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