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Thread: Grinder or Thermoix TMX31 or HotmixPro?

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    Grinder or Thermoix TMX31 or HotmixPro?

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Has anyone tried it? For expressor machine coffee.

    I was thinking doing it that way instead of getting a Breville grinder.

    How fine? Is there a chart/pictures reference to know or grinder 101 I can learn?

    TIA :)

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    Re: Grinder or Thermoix TMX31 or HotmixPro?

    Hello TIA,

    I think you will find that you need a real coffee grinder, not an appliance designed to do something else.

    This is probably the right forum area to ask your question. Cross-posting in the other thread is unlikely to generate any further responses. ;)

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    Re: Grinder or Thermoix TMX31 or HotmixPro?

    Get a real grinder. I couldnt find the thermoix but the hotmix didnt have a grinder attachment, it looked more like a herb chopper that can also blitz coffee.

    Even grind size is essential to good tasting espresso, those appliances will give you coffee dust along with woodchips.

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    Re: Grinder or Thermoix TMX31 or HotmixPro?

    (First post..have been reading for a while but time to jump in!)

    Ive seen the Thermomix in action - considering buying one (not for coffee).

    You wont have a problem with getting the grind fine enough (those things can mill flour!) The problem would be getting an even grind without turning it to powder.

    It might work for a Turkish grind...but not for espresso.

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    Re: Grinder or Thermoix TMX31 or HotmixPro?

    Agree, the thermomix is a great machine (we have had one for a while now), but not for grinding coffee beans, where it would act like a cheap spice grinder (more of less). A proper coffee grinder not only will grind at the correct fine-ness, but also the particle distribution is important, and a coffee grinder will get you there. With knife blades whizzing around smashing the beans up you will be guessing with both and have no chance in repeating results.


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    Re: Grinder or Thermoix TMX31 or HotmixPro?

    I have a Thermomix, not so great for grinding coffee. Great for heating milk though.

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