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Thread: Acaso i-mini v Lelit PL043

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    Acaso i-mini v Lelit PL043

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Alright time to upgrade from the EM480, I have these two in mind. All come with stepless adjustment, similar conical burrs and capacity.
    I will only be grinding for espresso
    A problem with the Ascaso seems to be grind retention?
    Is the Lelit a better option?
    important to me is grind consistency, build quality, noise and asthetics in that order

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    Re: Acaso i-mini v Lelit PL043

    I have never used the Ascaso, but I do use Lelit PL043. I doubt that it fairs any better with regard to grind retention.

    Best wishes, Russell.

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    Re: Acaso i-mini v Lelit PL043

    Lelit is a good little guy, needs regular banging on the counter to deal with ground retention :D

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    Re: Acaso i-mini v Lelit PL043

    I got the iberital challenger - exact same parts as the Lelit (and the i-mini i believe).

    Pretty happy with the grinder. Very consistent and relatively acceptable clumping. Again as mentioned before grind retention is a bit of an issue but a bit of a tilt and a knock on the side sorts that out.

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    Re: Acaso i-mini v Lelit PL043

    I have an I mini I wouldnt mind parting with if your interested. Drop me a PM.

    Apart from that yes the Ibiteral C and the I mini all retain some grinds. Being nice and light a simple stand it on its nose and a tap on the side will remove them. Compared to 6-8g of coffee retained by my K8 and 10s these guys retain very little ;)

    Good little grinder and a nice step up from the 480. Remember upgraditis happens fast :D

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