Hi Guys!

So, I am really going crazy here... Setup:

EM6910 + EM0480. EM0480 has 4 washers (with 3 I could only get decent grind at setting 3... now its 13 ).

Issue 1:

At setting 13 with 20g of coffee I get a decent shot but in 22 sec. So, I decided to make it a little slower... turn the notch to 12. Result: takes 40 seconds to get a shot and pressure is in the middle between brown / red area.

I even tried 18 grams and 16 grams... same issue.

How comes that one notch makes such a huge difference in extraction time? Assume tamping is the same in all situations.

Is there an issue with my EM0480?

Issue 2:

Once I grind at notch 12... turning a notch coarser (i.e. 13) still yields the same results as 12... I end up cleaning everything to have the new setting in effect.. grrr

Ideas? Suggestions?