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Thread: I need good grinder but idiot proof

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    I need good grinder but idiot proof

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    My 6 year old EM480 has passed its used by date and will be replacing our 6910 with most likely a Giotto Rocket. I cannot buy the Giotto until the house renovation is complete next year. However, I should be able to seek in a new grinder now (especially after I place some pebbles into the EM480). I am look for a grinder that will suit the Giotto, dose-less, easy to use-set with auto measured grind dose (I am away for half the year and my technophobic wife will be the operator) and in the range of $400-700. Does the Compak K3T fit the requirements?

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    Simply yes to answer your question. For what you are willing to pay and what you need i wouldn't go past the compak K3T.
    Good luck

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    You can also look at the Macap M2 and Eureka Mignon.

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