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Thread: BCG800 grinder display

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    BCG800 grinder display

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    Hi there,

    recently i've had a few weird moments with my BCG800: the display suddenly becomes so light that it's hard to read. Unplugging and re-plugging into the electricity outlet sometimes fixes it, sometimes not, it seems quite random. I haven't noticed any difference in grind performance, I'm just worried that the display (or worse, the whole grinder) dies on me suddenly and I'll be left without coffee one dreary morning...

    Has anyone else had this happen? What is a likely cause (if that can be determined from afar)?


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    Haven't had this happen on me but I know you can replicate it from applying a small amount of pressure on the grinders screen if this helps.

    It's similar to the old mono screens they use on mobile phones. It's best to call breville and see if they can fix it.

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    If it's in warranty take it back where you got it for a replacement (Breville policy)

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    thanks guys, good point about the warranty, i'll look into this. I think I may have to contact Breville directly. I'm otherwise quite happy with it and I'm also mindful that it might be our electrical wiring (we had an electrician in recently, who exchange our switchboard), rather than the grinder, but not sure how to test that.


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