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Thread: Decaf coffee beans and BSG800

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    Decaf coffee beans and BSG800

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    Greatly appreciate it if someone can explain why I can't make a decent Decaf coffee from my Lelit and BSG800. The combo is working beautifully with normal beans but when I try Decaf it just runs way too fast (even with finest grind setting). What's worse is that it impacts on my regular coffees (I need to make 2-3 shots before I can get a decent shot after attempting Decaf). I assume that both problems are due to the grinder but can someone help me out. Is the answer a separate grinder?



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    Decaf often (well, usually) needs a finer grind than normal beans, so if you're not able to get a good pour time with the BCG800 on finest then it's probably time for a shim kit (contact Breville) to fine it up a little. Easy fix.

    The grinder does retain some grinds, you can get most of them with the vacuum cleaner but when switching beans it's probably easier to just purge some through at your starting grind level for that bean.

    I generally purge maybe 4-5 seconds worth at the start of each session, to make sure there's no stale coffee making it into the cup.

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