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Thread: Breville BCG800 blocked

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    Breville BCG800 blocked

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    I have searched the main BCG800 thread, but can't see this one mentioned.

    I have had the machine for just on a year, and the shims have turned it into a great grinder.

    However, it decided this morning to let only a small amount of ground beans through, and is now completely blocked.

    I have cleaned out both sets of burrs, and found some severely impacted grounds at the base below the bottom burrs, and cleaned them out.

    However, nothing goes through, so I suspect that the channel down to the outlet is blocked, and I can't see how to get to it.

    Any ideas, folks?



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    I imagine you've tried a vacuum cleaner to suck out the detritus from below the lower burr (ie a brush will only get some of them), and also from the outlet chute? If you've done that... Hmm, something poky and bendy but not scratchy. Then suck with vacuum again, then try grinding on a very coarse setting to start.
    Are the beans any different than what you're normally using, particularly oily (or particularly old)?

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    Thanks. Vacuum cleaner would not shift it, so I blasted some air into the grind outlet.

    That cleared all sorts of compacted grounds, but no improvement.

    I then dialled it to the coarsest setting, and blasted in some more air, and that fixed it.

    A funny thing, but it now grinds the same with no shims as it did with three thin and one thick shim before.

    It never ground a full shot from new (I always had to dial up 2 shots to get one), and it now grinds even less, so I have to change it to one shot, and do three auto grinds!

    A bit fiddly, but still a great grinder.

    Oh, and kudos to Linda from Breville Customer Service, who called me at work to see if I needed assistance, after I asked the question on their Web site.


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