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Thread: Modifying the Lelit PL53 to Install a Calibration Dial

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    Modifying the Lelit PL53 to Install a Calibration Dial

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    Although the Lelit PL 53 is reported to be a pretty good grinder, I has one big drawback, you have no indication of its current setting. It has its worm drive knob and you need at least one turn to make any noticeable difference. If you are like me, and switch between double and half baskets, which for me need different grinds, or need to change the setting for different beans, you really need some way of indicating what the grinder is set to, or what to reset it to.
    To address this I came up with a mod that installs a dial on the grinder barrel and window in the top cover to observe the setting. Refer Attached docs.

    Works really well, one turn on the knob is about one graduation on the dial (there are two graduations between numbers).

    Note: I am not an electrician or qualified to provide technical advice for this ginder. As such, any change to the grinder should be first assessed, approved and possibly installed by a qualified person.

    Cheers, Ed
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    Great mod, bummer the numbers are upside down, but thats an easy fix.

    Interestingly the Nemox (rebadged Lelit Combi) has a similar thing on the hopper to give you a reference point.


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    Wow well done, that used to drive me crazy on the PL53!!

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    Artman, yes I know the numbers are upside down, however, the PDF file that I included with my post has the dial numbers the right way round. I was going to change mine over, but can't be bothered....I can read upside down.

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    Any chance one can buy the modification parts from anywhere?

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