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Thread: How to find the "zero" point on a grinder: An alternative way using a torch

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    How to find the "zero" point on a grinder: An alternative way using a torch

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    Hi guys, I have just discovered a brilliant way to find the zero point on a grinder.

    I cannot guarantee it will work but it works great for me.

    All you need is a torch or any source of bright light (perhaps an iPhone would do the work).

    -Place the torch in the hopper as shown in the picture below.

    -Look through the grinder shoot.

    -Be astounded the bright horizon emitting through the burrs.

    -Slowly decrease the gap between the burrs by turning adjustment ring.

    -When the light disappears almost completely, you are now a few micrometres away from the zero point.

    Hope this helps!

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    Or you could use the standard method, wind the top burr down till the top and bottom just start to touch (you cant mistake it) back off a whisker until the noise stops, done.

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