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Thread: Compak K10 Fresh Tamp Lever Gizmo

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    Compak K10 Fresh Tamp Lever Gizmo

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Spotted on the 9Bar stand at CafeBiz 2013 was this contraption.


    It's a Compak K10 Fresh with a weight adjustable lever tamp gizmo.
    Simply dial-in the tamp base to the weight you want to tamp.

    I know this has the potential of being a killer gizmo for consistent coffee in places that have a lot of different staff during the day who all grind and tamp differently. I can already think of a couple of cafes that we supply roasted coffee who could use one of these.

    Similar standalone ideas have been tried in the past but I don't know of one with a down force weight adjustment and mounted on the grinder.

    It's only just past prototype stage at the moment but I look forward to having a longer play with one in the future to see how well it works in real world use.

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    Good idea, I would like one on my K3 at home. Will it be retro fittable I wonder or only available on higher end models

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    Looks very clean, like it was meant to be there.
    The PF prongs/holders/sticky outy things would need to be pretty strong though so they don't move under the tamp pressure thus leaving the tamp on the light side.

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    How are they planing on dosage control given its on the machine, if you take it out of the holder it seems like more trouble than its worth to have it on the machine.

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    not just dosage control, but distribution as well.

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