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Thread: Wearing in burrs

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    Wearing in burrs

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    Just a quick one.

    How long would it take to wear in new burrs on a new mazzer mini?

    I have heard that brand new burrs wont necessarily produce the best coffee grind and that they need to be worn in. Any idea on how many KGs would need to pass through?

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    Re: Wearing in burrs

    Some grinders are really bad, like the Iberital which we used to have at work before I threw it against a brick wall and got a Mazzer.

    I cant really tell you how many kilos are needed to wear them in, but I have found no problems with my brand new mini

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    Re: Wearing in burrs

    I havent had any issues either. I have put about 2kg through it since Saturday just gone and it has performed like a little legend.

    I have been told that the more the burrs wear in the better the pours will become.

    I have also heard that the Mazzer Robur burrs perform their best after approx 200 kg has passed through them.

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    Re: Wearing in burrs

    Hi Chris,

    I have heard all sorts of different things. One person that I know replaces the burrs yearly. Maybe you should just buy his burrs! For what its worth, I felt that the new minis and mini electronics that I have dialled in for people recently performed quite well right off the bat.



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    Re: Wearing in burrs

    Now there is an option.

    Thanks Luca, mine is doing very well and I have no complaints at all with it. Just curious on the wearing in phase.

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    Re: Wearing in burrs

    Guess it depends which way you look at it.

    We dont fit new plates until the old ones start showing signs of wear. At that point new plates are terrific and transform the performance of the grinder.

    Ive never taken any notice of any "bedding in" per se, just that as you notice the pours changing over time, you keep adjusting....and thats nothing more than any espresso machine operator should be doing all the time. Perhaps it could even be said, that the "bedding in process" is nothing more than the gradual wearing (out) of the plates until they are nolonger doing their job. In which case bedding in actually never stops......

    So, *I dont think "bedding in" new plates is an issue.


    Ps: re reference to Iberital vs mazzer above. Its actually possible that the grinding plates used in the iberital grinder are manufactured by the very same manufacturer of "generic commercial" grinding plates as may be used in many commercial grinders of different brands including mazzer.

    Professionally speaking I sincerely doubt anyone could find any fault or difference between the grind quality of either grinder mentioned...any differences in the "total experience" between the two would be due rather, to many other factors generally relating to the standard of build of the two model ranges compared.

    Some readers may not know Iberital has an "el cheapo" commercial range as well as an "up market" range...the up market range is in my opinion, actually equal in its total "quality" to mazzers standard commercial range. *

    But the salient point I am making is the standard of grind wouldnt realistically be any different between the "el cheapo" range of commercial iberital, and the long as (here comes the disclaimer) the grinding plates (of either brand) are not allowed to wear out before comparing to the other.

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