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Thread: Vario Grinder Problem

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    Vario Grinder Problem

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    So we have a Vario Grinder which has worked fine and is close to a year old. Anyway, my dad went to make a coffee today and there was an issue with the grinder. It grinds a little bit of coffee and then makes a struggling sound and completely stops grinding the coffee. The timer on the Vario continues to run down. If you try to grind more coffee then it just counts down but the grinder makes no noise at all.

    The manual seems to suggest the manual cleaning of it as this could be an unroasted bean or something blocking it. Anyway, I went through the process of manual cleaning and the same thing has happened.

    Anyone got any suggestions?

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    Sounds to me like your burrs are jammed (possibly from grind build up over time). Is the grinder still under warranty? If yes, then I would contact your seller and see if it can be fixed/serviced. I have had similar symptoms with grinders in the past and have solved my issue by pulling apart the burrs and cleaning them and then putting the grinder back together. If you are unsure of how to do this, I would suggest looking at the many available youtube tutorials covering how, or if you don't feel confident doing it yourself, then get a technician to service it. I would also be certain that you are not voiding any warranty you might have for your machine before you start to play around with it.

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