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Thread: now thats a mistake that I like!

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    now thats a mistake that I like!

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Now I know that evil-bay has its detractors (and I am certainly one of them even though Im also one of its greatest proponents), but every now in then the chips fall in our favour and I was recently blessed with a very pleasant surprise!

    I was bidding on a Compak K5 either for home use, or as an optional grinder for work for SO coffees (I already run with a Chimbali Magnum, a Compak K5, & a Mini Mazzer @ wk), and I got the grinder for what I thought was a very reasonable price.

    So I was somewhat confounded when the seller announced that: "You got an absolute bargain, there, mate. *Its a steal at that price!"

    "Really," I thought to myself, by the time you include courier costs I couldve got a new K6 for not a lot more.

    Imagine my joy then, nay, tribulation, when the grinder finally arrived and it was in fact a ONE YR OLD K8 IN MINT CONDITION!

    OMG I couldnt believe my eyes!

    I gave it a trial run to make sure that it was in good working order (which it was) but have sent it off to my supplier for a general service just to be on the safe side!

    Now I an forget about the kitchen bench for this little beauty, coz it just wont fit!

    In fact, bench space is severely limited at my work also, but Im sure well make space to accommodate!

    This is one instance of an evil-bay purchase where I am very happy, Jan!

    Anyone else had any pleasant surprises of recent?

    Pat ;)

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    Re: now thats a mistake that I like!

    Did really well there CG [smiley=thumbsup.gif]..... A Compak K8, Wow!

    I lucked out pretty well last year with my little BZ purchase (well, I guess 31Kg is not that little ;)). I was fortunate that the seller was within driving distance of home so I could go and check it out prior to committing to a purchase..... Turned out to be a bargain too, the machine had no commercial use under its belt, just at home with a coffee geek ;D.

    Hardly anything needs to be done to it from a technical perspective, mainly just a cosmetic restoration and when it finally arrives from China, silicone sponge insulation for the boiler... thats the main delay at the moment, everythings cleaned up waiting to be re-assembled once the boiler insulation is fitted. Will be great once thats done, cant wait....


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    Re: now thats a mistake that I like!

    Yeah, you can be lucky......

    A couple of years ago I was after a 240/110 stepdown transformer (My wife has quite a few 110V Kitchenaid appliances)...

    Well there was a transformer advertised on that site as a 240 single phase to three phase transformer???? with a picture of the manufacturers plate.... it was actually an almost new 240/110 Australian made stepdown transformer rated at 3.5 KVA continuous - with a $100 starting price....

    So I bid the $100 and sent him a note that his listing details were incorrect..... Now once a bid has been placed you can only make minor changes to the description.... which he did to say it infact wasnt a single to 3 phase transformer..... The result was those wanting the mythical 3 phase converter lost interest and those wanting a stepdown didnt know about it ;)

    No more bids.... so a ubeaut stepdown transformer (weighing in at 30KG!!) for $100 ;D ;D ;D

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    Re: now thats a mistake that I like!

    Nice work for both of you, Pat and Java. :)

    For me, Im happy when an item shows up as described. Though I have to say that Im careful with that site, so I havent had anything arrive that Ive been disappointed with.

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    Re: now thats a mistake that I like!

    Nothing to do with coffee but we managed to get a Jason lounge suite with a three seater couch and two recliners for $40 + $10 delivery. It was near new, must have sat in grandmas living room for a few years before being donated to Lions.

    I priced a replacement setting and it was close to 2,500.


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