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Thread: Sunbeam EM0480 Washer replacement

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    Sunbeam EM0480 Washer replacement

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    Hi All,

    Long time reader, first time poster.

    I recently modified my EM0480 with a shim kit from ebay so that I could achieve a finer grind. That worked great and am now able to pull correctly timed shots from my EM6910.
    Problem being I managed to snap the arm off the washer that sits under the dome nut, at the top of the internal burr grinder. Something about reading the instructions afterwards and realising it was an opposite thread .

    The absence of the tab causes the grinder to run dry, even though there's beans in the hopper. I figure the metal arm was used to aggitate the beans and now it's not happening.

    Does anyone know what this part is called, and what the part number is as I've not been able to find it? Or does anyone have a spare one? Or know where I can pick something up?
    I've tried my best to source a replacement, but it's just not a standard washer.


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    Called a burr blade, can't find a part number but a service place will usually have a diagram you can look at to identify part.

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    Just got onto Sunbeam for an exploded parts diagram, and the guy on the line said it wasn't listed as a part. He offered to grab one off a return grinder and post it out to me free of charge. Pretty happy with that service, having bought the grinder nearly 5 years ago.

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