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Thread: Best Plce in Melboure To buy a min mazzeer

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    Best Plce in Melboure To buy a min mazzeer

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    hi guys , first post just after directions on the Best Place in Melbourne To buy a min mazzer grinder (Talking Price and Customer Service). i went to one guy, will not mention his name but very rude and no customer care. i could not belive he would not come to the party for $20. after offering the same price he offered to friend, 5 days ago.i did not mention that to him but did sit back and listen to all his lie until i made a decision not to give him one cent. i was very dis-pointed i went all that way and came home with no grinder.

    PS also should i get the new model or stick with non fulll electronic model that out now.


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    you could always try the 'quote form' at the top of the site which will send an enquiry to all the site sponsors

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