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Thread: Isomac 2nd hand or new Breville/Sunbeam

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    Isomac 2nd hand or new Breville/Sunbeam

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    Just hoping for opinions on buying either a 4yr old isomac granmacinino or a new Breville smart grinder or Sunbeam. Obviously a warranty on the new machines is appealing but is the isomac considered a decent grinder? I have searched for discussion on isomacs but there doesn't seem to be much. I have decided to buy a second hand Gaggia classic after much reading on here.

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    I have an Isomac Professionale and am quite dissatisfied with it. The grind quality is very variable. I don't know if anyone else has a similar experience.

    Perhaps the Granmacino may be better, but I would be suspicious myself, based on my experience with their other machine.

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    I've just retired my isomac professionale after the hopper plastic chipped off and jammed the grinder mechanism, with a quote to repair close to the purchase price. After some research, I bought the sunbeam EM0700 on sale at Myers this week for $239, about a similar price as the isomac. The sunbeam produced a coffee that vastly, ie massively, superior to the isomac. it was rich, creamy, full of flavour. I couldn't believe that grinder in the same price point can make such huge difference, especially at this price. Give the EM0700 a go, it seems to have dealt with issues with the lessor sunbeam models, for which there are good reviews.

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