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Thread: Rocky Doser Modification

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    Rocky Doser Modification

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    OK, so after one day with the Rocky Doser Grinder, I was fed up with the mess it makes due to the coffee being ejected off centre into the PF basket
    and also that the PF is far too close to the bottom of the doser to allow sufficient over-filling without making a mess.

    My solution for the over-filling was to ass a 10mm spacer between the portafilter guide and the underside of the doser, and a pair of longer screws
    This allowed the coffee to be mounded sufficiently but exposed the off centre issue even more.

    The solution for this was also quite simple, the guide needs to be rotated a little towards the left of the doser.
    But in order to do so you need to remove a little bit of plastic from the rear (unseen area) of the guide to allow it to twist. I used a hacksaw and a file to tidy it up to take about 5mm off the LH rear corner
    I then screwed in the left hand screw only to allows the entire guide to rotate until I found the right position.
    I then simply drilled a third 5mm hole in the RHS just behind the original screw hole to secure the RHS of the guide.

    i now have a perfect height guide at the perfect angle to allow full access and no spillage.

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    Sorry... you did WHAT to a 10mm spacer? Pics might be good, but I guess most who take tools to their new machine will understand what you are saying.

    Well done...

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    hahaha.... supposed to be "use", not "ass".

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