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Thread: Per-dose grinding technique for doser grinders?

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    Per-dose grinding technique for doser grinders?

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    Anyone got some sweet knowledge they could lay upon me?

    I've picked up a K6 Silenzio.

    Love the apparent durability, the speed and well, the silence. The grind feels more consistent than the Preciso but the extractions/flavour is bolocks, which I'm putting down to month-old beans stored in 25-30C in a plastic baggie...

    Hate the fact that putting 20g in with a clean doser only gets me 16g out.

    I'll be taping the doser vanes to reduce that (hopefully) but I'm assuming there's a knack to using a commercial doser in a home environment... at this stage I'm considering ripping the doser off completely and dodgying up an extended chute.

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    Get a long painting brush... Tape mod on the sweeper. If there is a finger guard on the outlet remove it.

    Do a nozzle mod on the outlet to get it into the PF nicely.

    After awhile once the grinds fill up all the gaps the sweepers can't reach then you won't have left over grinds anymore

    If u are thinking of doserless mod. 2 things came across as potential fit. Either a cheap cocktail shaker from ikea or the doughnut dough dispenser

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    Done, done and done, though I'll probably convert to doserless; I've heard that a 1"D nylon tube is just right, with some help from boiling water.

    Let's see how it goe now...

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