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Thread: Gino Rossi RR45 blades

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    Gino Rossi RR45 blades

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    Hi all

    Just purchased a use RR45 grinder to go with my Sunbeam EM6910. Here is my problem, To get the grind fine enough to get a good pour the blades are actually touching. While this is not good my question is do the blades need replacing? Also what mark is using to align the strokes / numbers on the adjustment collar? I`m guessing it's the lug on the top of the doser lid? If this is the case the grinder is on about setting eight. Any advise is appreciated.


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    Hey rob,
    I've had and do own both of these, although I'm not using the sunbeam anymore I am using the same grinder..
    I think it's worth pulling the grinder blades out and make sure they're not gummed up with old coffee.. This used to happen to my rocky and it just ends up giving a real inconsistent grind,
    Clean them properly..
    Zero the grinder, disregard any arrow or marking and make your own (white marker or a price of tape) something you can gauge the grinder by yourself, then start working with your grind..
    To get a good coffee out of my 6910 with the rocky the blades were always touching..
    Just my opinion

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    Thanks for your input. Blades are all clean I did that when i got it so that one thing out of the way.Tried backing the grind off a bit so not touching and a firmer tamp but still the pour was too fast. So may have to just put up with the blades touching. Blades look worn to me but not being able to compare with a new set ir's hard to tell. They don't feel sharp to touch as all.

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    Here's a list of grinders using the same burrs:
    Burrs compatible to Rossi RR45:
    -LEFT_TURN/64mm diameter/38mm inner dia./9mm thick/3 holes
    Rancilio MD50

    It pays to get new ones, or even better, have them sharpened by a (professional) sharpening machine shop.

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    Not sure if this helps you , but this is where my settings sit for good shots on my silvia , any finer and it chokes. Blades don't touch after adding Teflon tape around the thread.

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    You have been helpful but I think it should be mentioned that not every service provider will bother trying to align the adjuster ring to obtain an "absolute" zero setting on the scale, at the point where the grinding plates touch, when replacing the plates in service.

    This means there are thousands of these grinders out there where the number on the adjuster scale cant be compared to any other grinder of the same type, for a similar grind setting.

    And that's ok, because it doesn't need to.

    What is important for the operator (barista, whoever) to know however, is that to reset the grind after replacing the plates, all that needs to be done is to wind the adjuster all the way down until the plates touch, then back off say 1/3 to 1/2 a turn, grind some coffee, make a brew, and reset for fine adjustment. It wont be far out. Whatever number it ends up on is irrelevant in the big picture, because it is up to the operator to know what he/she is doing and rely on his skill to find the right grind setting, rather than to stick it on an arbitrary setting and hope its right.

    In effect the number on the scale your individual grinder ends up on, is relevant only to you in that you can make changes according to the supply of beans, their age, and ambient weather conditions, and know what your reference starting point was.

    Hope that helps

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