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Thread: Sunbeam em0440 grinder

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    Sunbeam em0440 grinder

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    So I purchased not first coffee machine the other day, the sunbeam em6910 which came bundled with the em0440 grinder.

    I was wondering, what do others have the grind setting at for this particular grinder and my machine as well

    I'm aware there are plenty if variables which can contribute to make a different shot of espresso.

    Was just wondering if anyone has a general grind setting which they use that I could go by!

    The manual suggests a grind setting between 12-16, seems to coarse IMO

    by the way, first time poster and barista enthusiast!

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    Welcome to Coffee Snobs.

    All grinders are different.
    That also means identical models.

    If you have tried the recommended setting and found it too course then what you can do is set finer until you find the right point.

    You didn't say how much you were dosing, so if you're not dosing to the max you could add more coffee to the basket instead.

    Remember that a finer grind or more coffee will slow the pour. The reverse is also true.
    But never change more than one variable at a time.

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    Take it to 5 and see if it blocks the pour. Then bring it back a few steps - I watch the gauge on the 6910 - while it isn't necessarily accurate for what makes the best coffee per bean/grind/dose/tamp, for a given combo it is consistent. What I mean is, with my Phoenix beans, grind at 12, dose to 2mm below rim, (I get a very faint impression of the central screw after extraction) and progressive tamp, my gauge shows from the top of the sweet range to about 1mm above it. For the Symphony beans with grind at 10 and all others the same, the best gauge reading is smack in the middle of the higher colour of the sweet range. (my colours are yellow and green with green the upper pressure - I understand some machines have different colours)

    And the type of filter makes a difference. My Sunbeam single wall double with Symphony beans (never put the Phoenix through one so don't know the gauge for them) the best spot is between the middle of the lower sweet range colour and smack in the middle of both colours. For the same beans through my VST filter the best pressure reading is a segment higher - coffees poured at the middle of the colours are weak and tend to gush.

    Once you have a blocked puck, step the grind back a few steps at a time until you get the coffee coming through in drips, then back it off one step more.

    When I was dialling in I got some beans from Coles - Vittoria - and practiced with them. When you find where your grinder should be, other beans should not be wildly different AIIRC the Vittoria's required a finer grind than did the fresh beans I got from my local roaster. (mind you I also got the Vittoria's because I have some friends who think Nescafé instant is the bees knees of coffee and I'm not willing to waste premium beans on people with such tastes. Interestingly one of them now will not buy such crap and she now gets the Symphony.

    It's all a delicate balance - it's worth spending the time with a set of scales to get your tamping consistent for example. Also re having a ritual you use to dose. Some people fill to the brim, scrape with a card (sometimes curved) then tamp. I found it easier to do a progressive tamp consistently - because the pressure used is so much less, any variation is much more noticeable, so it is much easier to do 3 x 2.5kg tamps than get 1 x 15kg tamp correct. I also do a light nutating tamp just before the final tamp.

    Find what works for you and get it into being a habit. Then when something is wrong with the coffee it reduces how many times you have to pour and chuck before you find the cause.

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    Comparing settings between grinders is a bit futile. 15 on my old grinder is about equivalent to 11 on my new one. Each shim (washer installed under the lower burr) apparently means 7 clicks of coffee, so even if they are calibrated at the factory, there should be up to 7 settings difference from grinder to grinder.

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    Hi folks just wondering if anyone has had any luck getting a good setting on the EM 0440? I had to go way below the suggested settings for my Gaggia classic. Down to 9 and its starting to get good, will keep experimenting but thought I might cast out for someone else's suggestions?

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