My brother in law who owned a nandos shop gave me a wega grinder. He took it off his shop like 3 years ago when he had to renovate and rejuvenate his old nandos shop. Then he decided not to sell coffee any more. So the grinder and his 2 group wega coffee machine were put away and stored in his garage.

Coming from a chicken grill shop the grinder is very sticky on the surface due to oily environment in the shop and inside is a mess. He admitted he rarely cleaned the grinder but it was working fine before it was plugged out.

Now question is how do i clean the grinder. Obviously i cant use water. The outer part of the grinder including the coffee bean compartment is very dirty and sticky with some ground coffee left overs, roasted coffee beans remains in the grinder burr.

Is there anyway i can take it apart and clean part by part? Anyone knows where i cam get Manual?

It is wega commercial grinder with writing that says 800 rpm on the side. There is a little plate on the bottom but i could hardly read whats written.
Thanks in advance