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Thread: upgrade, crossgrade, or cheapo second grinder?

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    upgrade, crossgrade, or cheapo second grinder?

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    Hi Everyone(!)

    In the time I was gone I had to temporarily abandon coffee for health reasons, but now the addiction has come back with a vengeance. Even so, I think I'm going to start drinking about 50% decaf, which necessitates a second decaf grinder.

    I currently have a K3 to partner with my Silvia, and I foresee keeping the Silvia in the future unless something else falls in my lap.

    The ideas for a second grinder:

    - BSG or Baratza Preciso

    - OE Pharos

    - HG One

    If I got the HG One, it'd serve as my caffeinated grinder for the 2-4 shots I had in the morning, and the K3 would go to decaf duty.

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    Hi Hildy

    FYI, Mahlkonig (Swiss) make the Baratza, and in Oz they are sold as Mahlkonig or parallel imported as Baratza.

    My 2 cents worth: Mahlkonig Vario gen2 or the HG one are brilliant for finer than traditional espresso through to coarse espresso grinds. Unless you have an exceptional K3, no contest. Either should transform your Silvia. I regard the Preciso as a fantastic plunger grinder (along with a few dozen others), however I do not see that as your main goal from your gear.

    Have fun rediscovering your addiction.


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