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Thread: Compak K3T Doserless -> Mazzer Super Jolly Doser?

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    Compak K3T Doserless -> Mazzer Super Jolly Doser?

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hi All

    Case of upgradetitis has got me thinking about swapping my Compak K3T to a Mazzer Super Jolly Doser.
    Some of the reasons I want to make a switch is:
    -Doser has less clumping
    -Better grinds
    -Larger burrs
    -Build quality

    Personally, Ive always also wanted a Mazzer because I really like the way they look and since seeing them all over cafes im probably slightly brainwashed

    My concerns are that doser will be much more messy. Im happy to do the doser mods to get a clean sweep and also to dose into the basket neatly, but the Compak is so neat I dont think the Mazzer can compare.

    I dont like faffing around, so I wont be using a brush to sweep out the stale grinds from the chute. Normally I just purge 3-5 secs directly into my knockbox, then start loading up the basket.
    On a doser, I imagine I would similarly purge, sweep out grinds into the doser lid, then start the grind.
    I use Scottie's tools to dose by weight.
    Ive never used the timer on the K3T so I dont think the actual dosing will change in my workflow.

    Has anyone made a switch like that?
    Doserless -> Doser?
    K3T to Mazzer? (Maybe the Mazzer Mini is close enough?)
    Any thoughts?


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    Ive gone from a Breville Smart grinder --? Mazzer mini --> Mazzer Kony e.

    I was kinda like you - When I purchased my Mazzer mini I wanted to hear the "thwack thwack" sound when I made coffee I had a laugh. I soon reaslied it wasn't the best option for me making coffee before work @ 4:45AM.

    What else can I say... Was the Mazzer Mini messier? Yes at first - but there are many ways to neaten up the process what won't impede on your workflow. For example the Schnozzola mod or using a cut off from a yoghurt cup. If you feel like spending a little penny you can purchase oe dosing funnels or a coffee catcha. In regards to coffee wastage I would say I waste more using the Mazzer Kony e just due to the fact I normal purge a double before starting but I don't care.

    In regards to the upgrade from your k3t --> Super Jolly I believe the only real benefit is speed


    Dare I say to save up a bit more money and join the big conical clan. You'll have a real treat then!

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    Hi Sam
    I've just gone the other way - Macap M4 doser to Mazzer doserless. They've both been really good. But it's all about technique.

    I found the M4 doser really clean. I just ground-to-order into 1.5 chambers of the doser, cleaned out the chute out with one sweep of a wedge shaped piece of plastic which then filled the remaining 1/2 chamber, then swept the lot into the basket with a couple of taps in the process to settle. Would normally only end up with a couple of grams overfilling to level off into the knock box. Once you've worked out how far to fill the segments, you have very little waste or mess. Sometimes you may loose a little on the bench if you grind too much, but that lands on the tamp mat anyway

    The Mazzer is pretty clean too - just different (and quieter!)

    Cheers Matt

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    31 a strange turn of events, shortly after the post, i thought i might go have a look on ebay to see what there was. Nothing seemed to be priced well, but I made an offer in for one that seemed quite decent. It wasnt a lowball offer, but it was on the lower side.
    Turns out that it was an offer that could not be refused.
    Ill soon be the owner of a gold Vittoria branded Super Jolly

    Theres even a nice story attached to the machine. It was a personal possession of someone in the Cantarrella family. This is the family that owns and runs Vittoria coffee (Think of the Al Pacino ads).
    She had given her neighbor (the seller) the grinder and some kind of high end machine who after a few years of use had to downsize.
    Say what you will about Vittoria beans, but that story is kinda nice.
    My neighbors once gave me a christmas card.
    Maybe one day Ill move around and my neighbor gives me a Robur

    Regarding the big conicals, I would love that, but theres a limit on what the other half will tolerate (in terms of money and size) and I think I might have already just passed that limit hehe.
    I did have a look at the Pharos, and I really wanted to like it, but after watching some videos it just seemed like too much work.
    I dont think Ill get another flat burr after this one though, it has to be a conical or nothing (most likely nothing I had a laugh)
    I guess a 5 sec purge on the Kony would be close to a double, but geez, thats a lot of coffee

    Due to space, I might not use the metal grind tray. On the compak, I placed a small plastic container underneath which caught the stray grinds. The base of the Mazzer looks like this wont work anymore unfortunately.
    Thinking about it, dosing wont be too much different. As you say Matt, instead of eyeballing the basket in a doserless, you eyeball the amount in the the doser chamber.

    Anyway, excited about how this turned out. Will report back in a few weeks as Im sure theres more people with Compaks wondering the same thing.

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    What a great story Sam...

    Sounds like a grinder to take good care of...


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    That's great Sam. I'm sure you won't be disappointed!


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    Quick first impressions.

    The grinder got hand delivered yesterday, really nice seller.
    Story is, the seller gave the neighbor access to his property.
    By doing this, the neighbor gained full easy access to his own property.
    Seems very generous to get a free high end coffee machine and grinder as thanks just by doing that.
    It is, but seller has a 100 acre property which then allowed the neighbor access to his 600 acre property
    Lets just say the seller did not give me an impression that he was in need of cash.

    Anyway, onto the grinder.
    The Mazzer is a lot more solid than the Compak, but surprisingly not a whole lot bigger. Without the grind tray it actually has a little bit smaller footprint.

    While taking it apart for a full clean, I found that some of the screws are in fact nuts and bolts, and unscrewing the portafilter holder dropped the nuts inside the case. Trying to take off the bottom i found that that the small screws I was unscrewing was in fact more nuts and bolts! Of course, now they joined the others rattling inside the case.

    Turns out the funny torx screw was the base plate holder but I needed to break off the nib in the centre of the screw.

    It is faster than the compak. Maybe around 10-11 sec for 20g
    It is 'messier' than the compak.
    The grinds are fluffier with no clumps but because of that they fall out of the basket easier and may miss the tray.
    Hopper and throat has ridges where beans hang onto the side and dont fall to their impending doom.
    Adjustment collar is better where there is no play at all. (easy to compensate on the compak)

    The fluffiness is very evident though.
    As an example, I was using scottie tools number 5 to sweep out on the Compak to get 20g. Now I to do a flat sweep to get 20g (both on a 20g VST).

    I did the doser sweep mod and nozzle mod while cleaning.
    Still some small grinds end up on top the doser exit cover but the sweep mod sweeps everything on the bottom.

    I also think that what you dont see, you dont worry about.
    You can see right down the chute for the Mazzer where it is semi hidden in the Compak.
    In the Compak, i never cleared the chute, i just purged. But in the Mazzer, because its right there, you have this big urge to sweep out the chute.
    If anything, the Compak probably retains more in the chute than the Mazzer.

    Its a 2006 model, and the burrs and carrier were clean. Burrs seem to still have a sharpish edge but I will probably replace down the line with fresh ones.

    Dosing process takes slightly longer now. I now purge, thwack out the old grinds, then again grind and then thwack out into the basket. It requires a fair few thwacks to get it all out.
    Before I just purged and then started dosing.

    Not commenting on taste yet as Im still playing around, but I do have new found appreciation on the Compak based purely on taste.
    At the moment they are on par with each other.

    Wife appeal, big loss so far
    A few unpleasant comments about the room it takes and the large hopper size. Have ordered a mini mini hopper from Talk Coffee.


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