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Thread: Compak Silenzio

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    Compak Silenzio

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    How silent are the silenzio variants of the Compak grinders? i'm thinking k6 silent here.

    [bg - I'm after a quieter grinder to match the new rotary pump coffee machine. otherwise i will get another k3t. i don't really want a doser grinder but will tolerate it in the name of quietness. other grinder i was looking at was the eureka zenith club.]

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    A buttload quieter than a Baratza Preciso or cheap appliance grinder (KG100/etc). That's all I have to compare it to.

    I'd recommend budgeting for a short hopper if you don't already have one (do the K3 ones fit?) the K6s really are a decent hunk of metal...

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