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Thread: Mazzer Super Jolly

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    Question Mazzer Super Jolly

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    Hi guys. We have at home an old Mazzer Jolly that used to be in our café. It only needed a new switch to get it going, which we just had installed by a reputable electrician who deals with appliances here in Bairnsdale. It worked fine the first day but today I turn the swith on and then flick it to the grind setting and it makes a clunking sound almost as if something is firing but cant turn over. I did manage to get it to grind some coffee for me but then it stopped working. Does anyone know what the problem could be?

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    G'day 'squirrel...

    I'd be giving your Sparky a quick phone call and ask him to recheck his work before trying anything else... Problem could be anything and nearly impossible to diagnose via a forum...


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