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Thread: Surplus of cheap Robur's ??

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    Surplus of cheap Robur's ??

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Wishful thinking maybe, but i am hoping the new model Mazzer Kold will encourage many of the high end coffee shops and domestic Robur owners to move up to the new model and launch a "tsunami" of cheap Robur's onto the market , flooding gumtree and the Bay such that prices are forced down to a few $$$'s each...alowing all of us with grinder envy and a surplus of bench space, to "fill our boots" !
    .. Or am i Dreamin' ?

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    I'd doubt it to be honest.

    Unless you're talking 100kg+, I really don't think there will be huge incentive. I guess time will tell, but I wouldn't expect a fire sale real soon. The Kold is $$$$ in comparison.

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