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Thread: ECM S-Automatik 64

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    ECM S-Automatik 64

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hi fellow snobbers.

    I have found myself in the market to upgrade my Mazzer Mini and was seriously keen on the Macap M4D.
    So I emailed the CS site sponsors and received a good response per se.
    One sponsor (Jetblack) suggested I look at the ECM Automatik 64.
    I've had a look at the ECM website and instruction manual where minimal retention is claimed and of course it has larger grind plates.

    Have any members any knowledge or experience with the ECM or have any suggestions?
    Is it an extra 2 to 300 dollars better grinder?
    I could do a 2 hour road trip down to Sydney and bench test but initially I'm happy to utilise this forums knowledge and advice.

    BTW, the new grinder's main mission is feeding The Witch!


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    Hi Kev,

    there won't be many (or any?) CSers with one of these yet. We got some of the first batch a month ago, and the ones we've sold haven't even been picked up by their new owners yet.

    We've been testing this new grinder for a month now and it seems to do everything ECM claims. It's fast, clean, quiet, retains very little coffee in the ground coffee path and for all of the different coffees we've put through it, really shines.

    For anyone considering a Mazzer Mini Electronic or Macap M4D put the ECM on your short list and give it a run. We've got all 3 on our demo bench,

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