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Thread: Brasilia FM (ST) Grinder

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    Brasilia FM (ST) Grinder

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    I would appreciate any comments on this product.

    Cannot find any comments within this forum.

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    Re: Brasilia FM (ST) Grinder


    Looks like you are searching for coffee gear on Evilbay..... which most of us believe is not a good idea..... that "bargain" you find on Evilbay will more often than not turn into heartbreak city.

    Although the grinder is advertised as "new" it doesnt have any warranty - which should ring alarm bells....

    It is a small conical grinder.... so I suspect it is similar to an Iberital Challange.... but have no knowledge of the brand... and a doubt the claim "semi-professional". Spare burrs would also be a problem.

    It might be OK - but you are taking a huge risk with this sort of gear.... no warranty and no ongoing support....... Id approach a site sponsor.... or at least someone you can go back to if things go pear shaped after purchase.

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    Re: Brasilia FM (ST) Grinder

    I saw that one last night.

    I heard those alarm bells.

    "Year of Manufacture - 2005"
    Why 2 years old and still unsold?

    "Colour - Black"
    Picture is a red one.
    I take all my own picture when selling on that site.

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    Re: Brasilia FM (ST) Grinder

    My learning curve extends to eBay where I am yet to buy anything.

    Thanks for the advice.

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    Re: Brasilia FM (ST) Grinder

    She also seems to be selling a cofee machine. Not sure if I have heard of them.

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