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Thread: Fiorenzato F5 and T80?

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    Fiorenzato F5 and T80?

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    been looking at the forum for a little bit, but can't find what I'm looking for, so hoping someone out there can help me.

    I have purchased an F5 grinder, and am happy with it so far, however I would like to remove the doser and replace with doserless. I like want to keep a clean look and was wondering if the doserless chute from a T80 would be a straight bolt on?

    They both have the same size grinding burrs, so are other parts interchangeable?

    Hopefully someone can help me.


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    Whilst anything is possible, and the chute is a simple part, I somehow doubt this is a straight fit as they are very different body shapes on those 2 grinders.
    Be aware, also that those 2 grinders are made by different companies. ,!
    If you want a part that should be a straight fit, look for the components for a F5D or a F64E , the current doser less Fiorenzato offerings.
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