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Thread: Compak A8 regulator jammed.

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    Compak A8 regulator jammed.

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    Hi all,

    Recently obtained one of these grinders, which I believe has the same burr set up as K8 Fresh, upon inspecting it; it seems like the top regulator does not unscrew from the bottom burr. This also makes grind adjustment impossible.
    Is there any way to unjam the two burrs or is this machine toast?

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    The grind adjustment on an A8 is done via the knob on the right hand side that turns the upper burr carrier via a worm drive, so you can't unscrew the upper burr carrier without removing the driven gear from it first. To do that you need to take the top cover off by undoing the 5 screws in deeply recessed holes in the top of the cover.

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