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Thread: grinder for Silvia

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    grinder for Silvia

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    Hi All.

    been looking out for a rocky to accompany my newly (secondhand) Silvia. Just wanted to get opinions on what other grinders work well for the Silvia. I do have a couple of requirments though.

    A match for the Silvia
    keen on doserless as I will only be grinding enough for about 2 shots per day, but open to ideas.
    It must be as quiet as reasonably possible (I thought the rocky was pretty quiet)
    Smallish footprint

    Money wise I dont have a fortune to spend (am looking for a second hand rocky on CS) but am willing to hold off to save for the right one.

    cheers for any help

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    Re:  grinder for Silvia


    Small footprint is a bit of a problem as most grinders as good as the Rocky (and better) tend to be bigger....

    I was going to suggest any of the small commercial quality flat burr grinders but these are generally a lot bigger than Rocky. For example the second hand Cunill Tranquillo Burr Grinder for sale on this site would be an excellent match.... but is quite a bit bigger.

    And I wouldnt reject dosers out of hand.... they can be very useful as they prevent clumping and give a more even distribution..... and if you use the grind through technique.... always fresh ground beans (no stale grinds left in the hopper) and reduced mess.....

    My La Cimbali is a doser model.... and (most of the time) it is only used to grind for a couple of coffees..... other times it is used for 20+ in which case I do use the doser.

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